AIRBUS MILITARY (now Airbus Defence & Space) : A400M 'ATLAS'

This aircraft is a four-engine turboprop military transport aircraft.

Refueling in the air is possible.

First test flight 11th of December 2009.

This aircraft is replacing the 50 year old C-130 'Hercules' aircraft.

Belgium will buy seven aircraft and Luxembourg Armed Forces will buy one aircraft.

All eight aircraft will be stationed at Melsbroek Air Base (20th SQN Tactical Airlift - 15th Wing) and used without distinction of nationality within the 20th squadron.

Luxembourg will provide 3 crews (6 pilots and 6 loadmasters).

The last aircraft should be delivered at the latest in 2023.

Some figures.

Length : 43.8 m / Height : 14.6 m / Span : 42.4 m

Unit cost : 130 million Euro / aircraft.

Crew : 2 pilots (3rd is optional) + 1 loadmaster

Capacity : 37,000 kg

Maximum speed : Mach 0.72

Range : 3,300 km at maximum payload. (20 tonne payload : range 6,400 km)

service ceiling : 12,200 m (40,000ft)

Tactical take-off distance : 980 m (weight aircraft 100 tonnes)

Tactical landing distance : 770 m (weight aircraft 100 tonnes)

Delivery CT-01 at Melsbroek 9th of October 2020 : Luxembourg Armed Forces 

(below also some pictures added taken at Ostend airport during his first visit.

Delivery CT-02 at Melsbroek 22th of December 2020 : Belgian Air Force

Delivery CT-03 at Melsbroek 3th of March 2021 : Belgian Air Force

Delivery CT-04 at Melsbroek 23th of September 2021 : Belgian Air Force

Delivery CT-05 at Melsbroek 10th of November 2021 : Belgian Air Force

Delivery CT-06 at Melsbroek 14th of January 2022 : Belgian Air Force

Delivery CT-07 at Melsbroek 11th of May 2022 : Belgian Air Force