2-3 July 2022


2nd of July 2022. The intention of this open door at Moorsele is to bring together neighbors and people interested in or have a passion for aviation.

While visiting this open door you can explore the activities which are done at this cozy airfield. Together with the open door, there is also a fly in with a lot of different types of helicopters and aircraft. New and old types.

I was there on Saturday in very nice weather and noticed lot's of activities on airside.

We saw para drops, WW2 Reenactment, warbirds, Belgian Air Force, lot's of modern civil planes and some oldies.

I was able to shoot my pictures at the airstrip/static part itself which give you a special feeling.

Being very close to all those aircraft was exciting and gives you the opportunity to learn more about flying, safety, details of aircraft etc..... 

As mentioned above also our Belgian Air Force joined this event with an NH-90 (SAR demo) and the Red Devils display team with Marchetti.

Furthermore, we had some warbirds attending this meeting like the Supermarine 'Spitfire', North American 'Bronco', Noorduyn 'Harvard' and Boeing Stearman 'Kaydet'.....

Also, some Belgian history was attending the meeting with a lot of Stampe Vertongen SV4.

The speed and spectacular acrobatics was displayed by the Pitts team.

Furthermore, we saw formations of Piper Cubs / SV-4's and a very old Tipsy B Trainer 1.

The Tipsy B was designed by Ernest Oscar Tips born at Tielrode, Belgium in 1893.

Together with Richard Fairey he started the Fairey Aviation Company in 1916.

Below are some pictures taken that day.

(special thanks to Bjorn)

1. Belgian Air Force with RN-01 and display Team Red Devils with SIAI Marchetti SF260MD

2. WARBIRDS : N5323N (circa 1942) Boeing Stearman E75 Kaydet / G-ONAA Bronco Demo Team with North American (Rockwell) OV-10B / OO-DAF (1944) Noorduyn AT-16 Harvard IIB / OO-XVI (1945) Supermarine Spitfire Mk.XVI

3. STAMPE en VERTONGEN SV.4 : designed by George Ivanow and produced by Stampe en Vertongen. In total, about 1500 aircraft were produced making it the most successful aircraft ever produced in Belgium.

4. OO-EOT 'Tipsy B Trainer 1' : manufactured in 1937 by Avions Fairey

5. Some more impressions of this beautiful day