EAA AIRVENTURE OSHKOSH 2019 / 22th - 28th of July 2019.

A new trip with 4Aviation with destination Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA.

This trip was already a long time on my bucket list.

Saturday 20th of July my trip started early in the morning (06:15) at Brussels to catch my flight towards Lisbon, Portugal.

Other groups from the UK, Netherlands, Germany would join me at the same airport.

A few other spotters would join us later that day in Chicago, USA.

After a 9-10 hour flight we started with our approach at Chicago O'Hare International Airport. In the days before our arrival a lot of thunderstorms scourged this area.

During our approach we had a lot of turbulence which resulted in a first go around. 

Also a second attempt was not successful and a lot of people were throwing up, screaming, crying.....

The pilot announced that he would try a third and last time but luckily the airport closed at that time because of the turbulence. We diverted and flew instead 30 minutes towards Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport.

For almost one hour we stayed in our Airbus A330-200 and departed again towards Chicago for a third and finally successful landing.

But our patience was again tested during the border control and renting of our cars. After more than for hours we were able to collect our cars and moved towards our first motel. After about 40 hours with almost no sleep we arrived in our motel at Waupun.

After a few hours of sleep we moved towards Oshkosh for our first day to watch a lot of arrivals.

Immediately when you arrive at Oshkosh you feel the nice atmosphere related to this event. 

Friendly people, well organized and lots of aircraft. Many people are staying at this event together with their own aircraft and camping gear.

We stayed for the rest of the week in a nice motel at Green Bay, a one hour drive towards Oshkosh. 

After a nice week at Oshkosh and Green Bay in good weather we returned towards home.

I will try to give an impression with pictures but we have seen too much different types of aircraft to show everything.

Some figures (source : eaa.org)

More than 10,000 aircraft arrived at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh. At Wittman alone 16,807 aircraft operations occurred in the 11 day period from July 19-29, which is an average of approximately 127 takeoffs/landings per hour

400 warbirds, 1,057 homebuilt aircraft, 939 vintage airplanes, 188 ultralights, 105 seaplanes, 62 aerobatic aircraft and 7 in other categories.

About 642,000 visitors

More than 5,500 volunteers. Forums, workshops and presentations. A total of 1,500 sessions attended by more than 75,000 people. 

Incredible numbers if you ask me. This event is unique and massive.

Below pictures give you already an idea about the atmosphere.