Koksijde Air Base, Belgium

 © source/courtesy/credits : 20th Squadron Tactical Airlift - Belgian Air Force

From 22th of March until 26th of March exercise Arizona Dream 2021 was held at Koksijde Air Base. This was the first deployment exercise of the newly Airbus A400M 'ATLAS. (Belgian Air Force - 20th Squadron Tactical Airlift)

Normally this exercise was foreseen at Yuma (Arizona), USA but due to the pandemic situation this was not possible.

I was at Koksijde Air Base on the 23th of March. Not the best weather conditions during the day with only a few sunny periods in the late afternoon when CT-03 returned from his mission in France.

Earlier that day we saw a few touch and go's performed by CT-01 of the Luxembourg Armed Forces.

Each day during the week several missions where flown. I was able to catch CT-01 & CT-03. Currently 3x A400M are delivered : CT-01 / CT-02 and CT-03.

I think the next one(s) will be delivered during 2021.

It's great to see an exercise in Belgium because we are not able to travel due to Covid-19.

Hopefully more exercises can be done in Belgium and hopefully spotters are able to attend those exercises.

During the week a lot of spotters visited Arizona Dream at Koksijde Air Base, still one of the best places for military spotters in Belgium.

Below some pictures taken on the 23th of March. Enjoy...