With Lockheed U-2 'DRAGON LADY'

Monday 17th of July 2017 : 

It was a beautiful day to watch many aircrafts departure from RAF Fairford.

In the early morning we arrived with 4Aviation at the scene but we noticed a long queue of waiting people at the entrance.

It was a gamble but we managed to find the shortest one to enter the base and we where able to find us a nice spot. Nevertheless it was a huge struggle to enter the base. (too many spotters, spotting area not big enough?)

During the day we saw a lot of spectacular departures.

It was a pity that the B-52 & B-1 bombers didn't departure on Monday.

But this was certainly compensated with the departure of the Lockheed U-2S. (2x)

Below galeries will give you an overview which aircrafts attended this years Air Tattoo.

However this list will never be complete, I always try to mention the highlights.

Combined with the Airshow topic on this website you will have an idea of this years 21st Century Partnerships with '70th anniversary salute' celebrating partnership between RAF and USAF.

note : this topic is still under construction.

Boeing C-17 Globemaster : 

Helicopters : 

AIRBUS A-400 M :


Lockheed U-2S (BB) DRAGON LADY / 80-1067 & 80-1073 / USAF 9th RW . Beale AFB, CA