July 2021. The purpose of this visit was to catch the Boeing 707 E-8C 'J-STARS'.

Almost every day this aircraft starts his mission in the early morning and returns during the day towards Ramstein.

Luckely I was able to catch 95-0121 (50121) (GA) / 128th ACCS/116th ACW Robins GA ANG on Monday. This is the second one after I photographed the first one during Red Flag in 2015.

We also had information that 2 tankers where on side. 

- Boeing K-135R : 63-8029 (38029) 'with Tiger tail' / US Air Force - 141st ARS/108th ARW New York ANG - McGuire. In the previous days of my visit no missions where flown.

On Monday I missed his departure but was able to catch this 'Tiger' in the landing. Great catch!

- Boeing KC-46A 'Pegasus' : didn't fly during our visit.

Another nice catch was the Lockheed MC-130J Commando II with reg 09-6207 (96207) / US Air Force - 67th SOS/352nd SOW Mildenhall. This should be a relative new kid at Mildenhall.

In the last galery below you see more regular types of aircraft which often visiting Ramstein. Including 2x Galaxy, some C-17's, C-130's (incl Dyess), C-130 from Tunisian Air Force and more regulars.

Very happy with this visit.