part of Le meeting Aërien International de la Somme d'Albert


Friday 19th of August 2022. On this day I was looking forward to the Sunset show at Albert-Picardië airport (department Somme) in France but the weather was not on our side.

If we compared this rainy weather with the weather at Sanicole Sunset Show later that year this was a good day. :-)

Nevertheless, also here we had a few cancelations and changes in the flying program.

Several times we needed to run to hide our photo gear from the heavy rain.

Let's talk about the highlights of this Sunset Show.

The Belgian Air Force was attending this show with Agusta A-109 Display Team (no display on Friday), Red Devils display team with Marchetti and CDT VL Steven 'VRIESKE' De Vries with General Dynamics F-16AM 'Fighting Falcon' ('DREAM VIPER')

Military participants for France : 

- Dassault Rafale C : 4-GO (136) 'Rafale Solo display 2022 colors' / French Air Force - ETR 3/4 Aquitaine - BA113 - Saint Dizier/Robinson Air Base.

- EXTRA EA-330 SC : F-TGCI (4) - Equipe de Voltige de l'Armée de l'Air (EVAA) - Salon de Provence with World Champion aerobatics 2022 Florent Oddon as pilot.

- Lockheed C-130J-30 'HERCULES' : 55+02 (382-5938) / Luftwaffe - Franco-German squadron (BATS) - Evreux Air Base 

BATS = French-German Binational Air Transport C-130J Squadron "Rhein/Rhin'

- Patrouille de France with 10x DASSAULT-BREGUET/DORNIER 'ALPHA JET' DBD Alpha Jet E / French Air Force / EPAA20.300 - Salon de Provence

Only the arrival - the display was canceled because of bad weather. 

Other military participants :

- General Dynamics F-16AM 'Fighting Falcon' : E-191 (6F-18) (78-0191) '800th anniversary of the Danish Flag' / Royal Danish Air Force - Esk 727 - Skrydstrup

The display was canceled due to the weather.

- General Dynamics F-16BM 'Fighting Falcon' : ET-615 (6G-12) (80-3615) / Royal Danish Air Force - Esk 730 - Skrydstrup


Royal Aircraft Factory S.E.5a (replica) : F-AZCN (7) / Private Owner 

At first, a one-seater afterward converted towards a 2 seater for the movie 'La Dernier Vol".

- Fokker DR.1 (Replica) : F-AYDR (1178) / Jean-Baptiste Salis Association

- Royal Aircraft Factory SE.5A (replica) : F-AZCY (A88898) / Jean Baptiste Salis Association   Constructed for the movie l'As des As in 1983.

- Yakovlev Yak-18T : F-HFSB (8200916) / Private Owner 

- Vought F4U-5 'Corsair' (NL) : F-AZEG (former N4901E) (22) (124724) (NP) / US NAVY VC 3 markings - Jean-Baptiste Salis Association 

- MORANE-SAULNIER M.S. 506L 'Criquet' : SP-YEH (07) (2807) (former F-AZTI & RA3219K) / Private Owner 

- YAKOVLEV Yak-50 : F-BDXM (GS+AA) (5) / Private Owner 

GLIDER with fireworks : 

- SZD-59 Acro Glider : SE-UVJ (590.A.05.005) / Johan Gustafsson 

DASSAULT FLAMANT (local aircraft)

DASSAULT M.D. 311 'FLAMANT' : F-AZKT (260) / Amicale Des Avions Ancient D'Albert