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*** Today ESPS Juan Carlos I visited the port of Zeebrugge, Belgium. ***

Sunday 27th October 2017. 

This multi -purpose amphibious assault ship/aircraft carrier (L61) arrived in Zeebrugge after participating in the exercise Baltops 2019. (vessel - length : 230.82 meters / cost : € 462 millions)

The vessel is named in honor of Juan Carlos I, the former King of Spain.

This exercise was held in the Baltic Sea, purpose of this exercise was to demonstrate by Nato members a new amphibious command-and-control (C2) structure. This is a structure developed to support larger, more complex amphibious operations.

During this exercise , the Juan Carlos I was buzzed by a Russian Su-24. (movie available on youtube).

I noticed two SH-3H Sea King Helicopters (23-06 & 23-07) and four EAV-8B Harrier II (1B-29 / 1B-37 / 1B-38 / 1B-27) attack aircraft on the flight deck during arrival. One Harrier with this year's AIR TATTOO livery on his tail.

The Juan Carlos I was escorted by the Spanish frigate Cristobal Colon (F105), fifth and last ship of the Alvaro de Bazan-class of air defence frigates entering service with the Spanish Navy. the ship is named after Christopher Columbus. (vessel - length : 146.7 meters / cost : € 823 millions)

Below a few pictures of both ships during arrival.

*** ANTONOV AN22A & ANTONOV AN124-100M visits Ostend-Bruges airport October 2017. ***

27th October 2017.

Nice visitor at Ostend -Bruges Airport. (OST)

An Antonov AN22A (UR-09307) landed in the afternoon for the pickup of 2 coaches with destination Turkey. A lot of spotters where on side to view this beautiful aircraft. In 2016 this plane was again airborne after having maintenance since 2008. Last visit at Ostend was in 2003...

Antonov An-22 Antei "Cock' : Prototype flying for the first time 27th of February 1965 from Svyatoshin airfield...

Specifications : landing gear includes 14 wheels. Tire pressure can be adjusted during flight or by ground personal depending which runway will be used.

Above version is a variant with air-start capability, modified electrical system and updated radio and navigation.

Powerplant : 4 x Kuznetsov turboprops driving contra-rotating propellers.

Maximum speed : 740 km/h

Range : 5.000 km 

crew : 5 - 6 (sometimes small cabine available for 28-29 passengers)

length : 57,9 m / wingspan : 64,40 m / Height : 12,53 m / wing area : 345 m2

weight : Empty weight : 114.000 kg / Max. takeoff weight : 250.000 kg

22th October 2017.

A week before also an Antonov AN 124-100M (UR-82027) landed at Ostend -Bruges Airport. (OST). 

Both aircrafts are flying for Antonov Airlines established by Antonov Design Bureau founded in 1989 and situated at Kiev (Ukraine).

Antonov An-124-100M : this commercial aircraft has been developed on the basis of the An-124 "Ruslan" heavy military transport aircraft. First flight of the "Ruslan" (Condor) 26th of December 1982.

The An124-100M-150 version includes the main components of the An-124-100 program with some major improvements. Antonov airlines operates 7 Ruslans.

Specifications : 

Powerplant : 4x Progress D-18T Turbofans

Maximum speed : 895 km/h

Range : 5.200 km

crew : 4 - 6 + 2 loadmasters (possible to carry 88 or 350 additional on a palletised seating system.

length : 68,96 m / wingspan :  73,3 m / Height : 20,78 m / wing area :  628 m2

weight : Empty weight : 175.000 kg / Max. takeoff weight : 405.000 kg


Operation Atlantic resolve is a demonstration of a U.S. commitment to measure NATO allies and partners of America's dedication to enduring peace and stability in the region in the light of the Russian intervention in Ukraine.

Training and missions across Europe : Latvia, Germany , Romania and Poland.

*** Deployment Combat Aviation Brigade, 1st Cavalry Division - 1st AIR CAVALRY BRIGADE ***  

US ARMY "1st AIR CAV" FORT HOOD, TEXAS : Pictures taken at Port of Zeebrugge (Belgium)

20/21/22th of October 2017.

Movement 1st Air Cav from Zeebrugge towards Chievres Air Base (EBVC), Belgium.

The 1st Air Cavalry Brigade replaces the 10th Aviation Brigade, 10 Mountain Division as part of U.S. European Command's (EUCOM) Operation Atlantic Resolve. (see also below)

AH-64 APACHES (24x)

CH-47 CHINOOKS (12x)

HH-60 MEDEVACS (15x)


*** Return 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, 10 Mountain Division  *** 

US ARMY " 10 CAB " FORT DRUM, NEW YORK : Pictures taken at Eindhoven Air Base.

       AH-64 APACHES

October 2017 : Return of the 10th Aviation Brigade.

Using Eindhoven Air Base  (Mil West platform) on their way towards the Port of Rotterdam and loaded onto the vessel Endurance. Same vessel which unloaded 1st AIR CAV at the Port of Zeebrugge.

From October 23 until 30 th of October more than 55 helicopters moved towards Rotterdam.




*** Arrival 5x USAF F-16D's at Brussels South Charleroi Airport *** 

17th of August 2017 : Just in time we arrived at Charleroi Airport to witness the landing of 

5x F-16D's 'Fighting Falcons' (two-seat). Not sure for which reason they landed at Charleroi 

(maintenance at SABCA?). Not perfect light conditions but happy to have them.

* Lockheed F-16D 'Fighting Falcon' USAF 84-326 / 162 FW, 195 FS AZANG TUCKSON, ARIZONA.

Lockheed F-16D 'Fighting Falcon' USAF 83-180 / 162 FW, 195 FS AZANG TUCKSON, ARIZONA.

Lockheed F-16D 'Fighting Falcon' USAF 87-381 / 162 FW, AATC TUCKSON, ARIZONA.

Lockheed F-16D 'Fighting Falcon' USAF 86-051 / 140 FW, 120 FS, BUCKLEY, COLORADO.

Lockheed F-16D 'Fighting Falcon' USAF 87-365 / 149 FW, 182 FS, LACKLAND, TEXAS 

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